Stratergy provides guidance and evaluation to demonstrate growth potential. Past projects have included:

Energy from waste

  • Redirection of plastics to oil company from Energy-from-Waste to recycling and transport fuel. Commercial strategies up to Series A financing.

Circular economy & re-use

  • Preparation of financials for angel investment
  • SaaS company developing a digital market place
  • Introduction to market communication specialist resources

Resource conservation

  • Early evaluation of freshwater condensation technology against current alternatives, resulting in a no-go decision.

Renewable energy

  • Evaluation of a novel tidal power concept and go-to-market strategy.

Energy storage

  • Evaluation of a small flywheel energy storage system against emerging international competition resulting in a no-go decision. Demonstrating high-economic risk.

Energy recovery

  • Advice on technology applications, markets and economic viability for an emerging novel low-heat recovery system.

...resulting in a no-go decision, demonstrating high-economic risk.